Approx. 40 hours


in person attendance

3 Days 



Licensed Medical Professional, Level 1 botulinum toxin course or equivalent, Level 2 dermal filler course or equivalent, and minimum 1 year FT or equivalency of dermal filler injecting experience.


$8450 CAD

This advanced course provides 60 hours of combined online theory and in person review and hands-on practice. Practitioners will receive a refresher on the rheological properties of HA dermal fillers (such as Teosyal®/ Juvederm®/ Restylane®/Revanesse®), relevant facial anatomy, complication management, and safe injection techniques. There will be thorough discussion of full-face assessment and treatment planning. Hands-on practice will focus on the off-label injection of advanced anatomical areas.

Includes a workbook, required forms, and a certificate of completion.

Please enquire separately for 1:1 training at your clinic location, as prices will vary

course objectives

  • Understand how to inject HA dermal fillers in target areas to achieve predictable aesthetic results.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of relevant anatomical landmarks, vessels, nerves, and structures related to HA dermal filler injections for advanced aesthetic applications.
  • Gain hands-on experience of marking precise anatomical landmarks of advanced injection areas.
  • Demonstrate hands-on injections of advanced areas.
  • Discuss mitigation tactics to decrease risks in targeted injection areas.
  • Improve assessment techniques and treatment planning related to HA dermal fillers.
  • Understand potential aesthetic complications, signs of complications, and how to manage them.
  • Gain an understanding of the aging process and the integration of the multi-treatment modalities, specifically dermal fillers.
  • Discuss pre-and post-procedure care of the aesthetic patient.
  • Define and discuss symptoms of body dysmorphia syndrome.
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Review of Facial Anatomy

This section discusses full facial anatomy with focus on tissue planes, blood vessels, and nerve pathways. Risk levels of each injection zone are reviewed and there is discussion on minimizing complications.

Physiology of Aging

This section will review the aging face and why we need dermal fillers to replace volume as well as full face assessments using an artistic and global approach to treatment with injection site marking.

Review of Dermal Fillers

This module will review the rheological properties of HA dermal fillers and appropriate applications based on anatomy and individual patient factors.

Patient selection and expectation management

Candidate selection is crucial to the treatment planning process and to patients understanding of what is and is not possible with HA dermal filler treatments. You will learn how to determine if your patient is a good candidate for this treatment process and how to manage their expectations realistically.

Full-face assessment and treatment planning

Clinicians will learn how to initially diagnose patients and determine the treatment plan and sequencing.

Hands-on injecting advanced areas with HA dermal fillers

All students will initially observe, then inject a minimum of 8 patients on the following areas: Temples, tear troughs, forehead, and jawline. **We provide cannula training for increased safety when injecting higher risk areas.

Legal documentation review

Documentations guidelines will be reviewed and examples of pre/post treatment instructions and consent forms will be available for review. Photography for medical records will also be reviewed.


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