Approx. 36 hours


IN person attendance

3 Days



Licensed Medical Professional, Level 1 botulinum toxin course or equivalent


$7450 CAD

This foundational course provides 60 hours of combined online theory and in person review and hands-on practice. Practitioners will receive a solid introduction to HA dermal fillers (aka Teosyal® / Juvaderm® / Restylane® / Revanesse®) and leave with an understanding on basic facial anatomy, how to assess patients, formulate treatment plans, avoid complications, and utilize safe injection techniques.

Includes a workbook, required forms, and a certificate of completion.

Please enquire separately for 1:1 training at your clinic location, as prices will vary

course objectives


  • Understand how to inject HA dermal fillers to achieve predictable cosmetic results.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of relevant anatomical landmarks, vessels, nerves, and structures related to HA dermal filler injections for aesthetic applications.
  • Understand anatomy of aging and contributing factors.
  • Gain extensive hands-on experience of landmarking precise anatomical areas.
  • Demonstrate safe and effective injection techniques.
  • Develop an understanding of how to assess, treat, and improve patient care with HA dermal fillers.
  • Understand signs of complications, and how to manage them.
  • Differentiate between injection techniques.
  • Understand areas of risk and related risk-mitigation strategies.
  • Understand the basic rhelogical principles of HA dermal fillers and how to appropriately select products.
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage patient expectations.
  • Discuss the importance of documentation and photography.
  • Learn the basics of practice integration.
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Introduction to HA Dermal fillers

This module reviews beauty ideals, ethnic considerations, and the history of dermal fillers.

Review of HA dermal fillers

This module will discuss the basic rheological properties of dermal fillers, clinical indications, contraindications, and dosing ranges. It will also evaluate the subtle nuances between popular licensed dermal fillers on the Canadian market.

Anatomy of the Face & Neck
Knowledge of muscular facial anatomy is imperative for every clinician to achieve predictable results and minimizes the risk of complications. This section will cover detailed bone, fat pad, vascular, nerve, and muscle anatomy. We will review tissue layers, structure, and function of skin layers, and review precise landmarking techniques using an artistic and global approach. Risk levels for facial injection areas will be reviewed.
Facial Aging

This module covers intrinsic and extrinsic aging factors, skin classification systems, aging classification systems, the role of bones, fat pads, and skin in facial aging.

Consultation and Assessment

Students will learn and practice the art of consultation. This module provides an overview of legal and ethical implications, effective consultation techniques, managing patient expectations, history-taking, review of BDD, and basic dermatological conditions that may impact dermal filler therapy. This will cover the assessment of patient desires and needs, as well as full face assessment of patients.

Treatment Planning

Appropriate patient selection, product choice, and treatment sequencing will be presented and reviewed relative to anatomical considerations.

Complication Management

Potential complications will be reviewed including signs and symptoms, differential diagnoses, and appropriate management strategies. Patient expectation management will also be discussed and practiced.

Hands on Injecting with HA Dermal Fillers

All students will observe and inject a minimum of 12 patients on the following areas: Cheek restoration/enhancement, basic lip restoration/enhancement, chin & jaw restoration/enhancement, and nasolabial fold restoration. **We provide cannula training for increased safety when injecting higher risk areas such as the nasolabial folds.

Record Keeping

Documentation of the patient’s pre-existing condition, areas injected, and treatment results are critical for proper patient care and evaluation as well as for legal reasons. Documentations guidelines will be reviewed and and examples of pre/post treatment instructions and consent forms will be available for review. Photography for medical records will also be reviewed.

Business Integration

This module was designed by professionals with entrepreneurial backgrounds to ensure program graduates can successfully integrate their new skills sets into their existing practices. Clinic set up will be reviewed. You will learn how to introduce your new aesthetics practice into your existing practice, including sales & marketing tips.


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